FAI Board and Assembly

FAI Board and Assembly

The Association's structure can be best split into three sections: the General Assembly, the Board of Management and Committees.

The General Assembly is made up of three Chambers, namely:

  • The Professional Football Chamber
  • The Amateur and Youth Chamber
  • The National Body Chamber

Each Chamber is entitled to nominate one third of the delegates to the General Assembly.

The Board of Management comprises of the following members:

  • Gerry McAnaney (President)
  • Paul Cooke (Vice President)
  • Roy Barrett (Independent Chairperson)
  • Packie Bonner
  • Tome Browne
  • Catherine Guy
  • John Finnegan
  • Liz Joyce
  • Joe O'Brien
  • Richard Shakespeare
  • Gary Twohig
  • Robert Watt