What's happening?

What's happening?

17TH September 2016:          DUBLIN            GIRLS DEVELOPMENT BLITZ:

There will be GIRLS Development Blitz in Inchicore on Saturday 17th September in Inchicore CIE sports grounds between 10am and 1pm.

This is aimed at 7-12 year old girls who are just starting out in the game and just want to have some fun playing football.

So if you know of any groups or clubs who are just starting up, maybe in a league for the first time, maybe not. No hard and fast age categories.

Anyone who wants to come along, even lone rangers, all will get a few games, no trophies, medals, etc.

ALL are welcome. If you know anyone who might be interested they can contact either FAI Development Officer David Rake on 087 9956371 or Aaron Shearer 086 8977532.