FIFA Live Your Goals

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FIFA Live Your Goals

The FAI in conjunction with FIFA is running one of FIFA’s very successful campaigns to introduce more females to the game of football.  ‘Live Your Goals’ was launched and promoted in 2011 as part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany.

Live Your Goals (LYG) campaign objectives are to:

  • Spark, foster and establish excitement for women’s football
  • Inspire young girls to play football
  • Create a positive experience
  • Break down prejudice against women’s football
  • Turn women’s football into a sport for the masses in the long run
  • Make professional women’s football popular

This is the seventh year the FAI have coordinated the programme.  The LYG campaign outlines clear messages, that women’s football is an authentic and attractive expression of a modern lifestyle.  It shows optimism, fun belonging and physical beauty.  Women’s football is not just socially accepted but highly respected and has become an integral part of football development in the country. 

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