Club Roles

Club Roles

The Role of the Committee

• The Committee are responsible for all the decisions that effect the Club
• Are responsible for money and how it is used
• They hold meetings to discuss future direction for the Club
• They take responsibility for the important parts of leading, directing and supervising the Club
• They do all this on behalf of the Club members

Specific Duties

• Conduct long-term planning of activities so that the aims and objectives of the Club are met
• Develop policy and procedures
• Manage external relations
• Obtain resources and ensure that all financial and legal matters are properly managed
• Regularly communicate with and provide information to members about the running of the Club
• Review the performance of employees, volunteers, subcommittees and the committee itself
• Provide detailed written records and job descriptions to a newly elected committee to help them with their roles

To fulfil these roles and duties several things need to be in place:

• Policies and procedures that are clear, ‘user-friendly’ and cover everything
• Resources to meet the needs of the Club
• Strategic plans and action plans
• Networks with other Clubs/Leagues
• Processes for communication and reporting
• Decision making processes

Powers of the Committee

• The members of the management committee act as the representatives of the Club.
• It is important that when the management committee members act on behalf of the committee that they have approval to do so.
• If they do not have approval they may act in a way that is not in line with the committee’s guidelines.
• The committee may be legally responsible for any contract that the individual makes when acting on behalf of the committee.

Guidelines for Committee Members

There are several simple guidelines that will keep committee members informed and help to avoid any possible areas of conflict or concern. They are:
• Do not place self interest above the needs of the Club
• Be aware of any areas of potential conflict of interest
• Find more information on issues that you are confused about
• Show reasonable care and diligence when acting as a member of the management committee
• Regularly attend committee meetings to stay involved and informed
• Always act in ways that show good will and good faith
• Not to gain financially from any information obtained from being a member of the management committee
• To have all necessary information about the financial situation of the Club
• To seek advice about things that the committee does not understand or that may have legal implications

Committee Members: 

Executive Officers
 - The Chairperson
 - The Secretary
 - The Treasurer
Individual Members
 - Club Children’s Officer
 - Delegated Authority
 - PRO (Public Relation Officer)

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