Your Club, Your Vision

Your Club, Your Vision

Whether your club is planning a small improvement project, such as refurbishing the dressing rooms or planning a larger scale project such as a new club house or new pitches for floodlighting your existing pitches, the vision and ideas for the project are yours. You will want the plans to succeed and to have facilities that everybody in the club and community are proud of.

Every club knows that all projects require commitment and dedication to see them through. They also know that funding for projects is hard earned, often through voluntary contributions from the local community, perhaps partially funded from public funds (e.g. grants from the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism) or from the FAI. Regardless of the source of the funds it is crucial to ensure that they are well spent and that value for money is achieved.

By following some guidelines for managing projects your club can ensure, regardless of the size of the project, that you have delivered a high quality project, that is good value for money, serves the needs of the club and that is sustainable into the future.

If you would like further information into managing your building project please read the guide below