Irrigation systems, Goalposts and Dugouts

Irrigation systems, Goalposts and Dugouts

The facility Development Unit will also aim to answer any queries on the sourcing and procurement of;

  • Irrigation systems
  • Goalposts
  • Dugouts
  • Boundry fencing
  • Spectator facilities

Irrigation Systems

With climate change more evident in recent times, the need for irrigation systems on pitches has become more necessary in recent times. An irrigation system also allows for faster renovations as operations are not so weather dependent. It is important to note that irrigation systems are a complex function with particular requirements and design criteria that are necessary for football pitches.

In recent years serious injuries and fatalities have occurred arising from the inappropriate use of goalposts.  Anyone purchasing goalpost should meet the I.S. 357:2007 as developed by the National Standards Authority of Ireland in conjunction with the Football Association of Ireland.

The FAI has produced a leaflet that sets out safety guidelines for the use of goalposts, which reinforces four golden rules to help make safety your number one goal. 

Check it:
Make sure goalposts are in good condition and properly constructed.  Homemade goalposts should not be used – they do not have built in safety features and may be particularly hazardous for younger players.

Secure it:
Goalposts of any size must be anchored securely to be the ground according the manufacturer’s instructions.  Portable goalposts must be pinned or weighed down to prevent them from overturning.   Portable goalposts should be removed from the pitch when not in use and stored securely. 

Test it:
Before use, adults should test the goalposts to make sure they are stable.  If you are unsure of the safety of your goalposts you should have them tested professionally.  

Respect it:
Respect your equipment.  Goalposts are not designed for gymnastic displays.   So don’t swing on the cross bar. 

The FAI has recently appointed Goalpost Ireland as the official supplier of goalposts for football in Ireland.  To visit their website click here


Dugouts are designed to provide shelter for players and coaching staff.  When you are considering the purchase of dugouts it is important to ensure that they comply with the safety standard EN 748.  
If you would like more information please contact he FAI Facility Department for a list of suppliers.

Boundary Fencing:

Perimeter Fencing is often erected around the pitch to contain balls, protect the playing surface from contamination and to help prevent unauthorised use and vandalism.  Fencing heights vary, 3 metres is often used but this can be increased to 5 metres where the site requires balls to be retained within the pitch. Where site security and ball retention is not a serious issue or where an internal spectator compound is provided 1.2 metre high fencing is often used to make good spectator viewing.   If you are considering the installation of fencing you should contact the facility development department for assistance and a list of suppliers.

Spectator Facilities:

The provision of improved or new spectator facilities at your club for supporters and visitors will be an important investment that should, if carried out successfully, bring long term benefits and increased attendances.  If you are considering the development of spectator facilities please contact the FAI’s facility development department for advice and assistance.