Player Development Plan Referee Workshop

Player Development Plan Referee Workshop

Course Name:

Player Development Plan Referee Workshop.


For delivery to 7v7 and 9v9 Referees.

Target Group:

Referees involved in ‘Small Sided Games’.


1 hour

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • The ethos of changes in small sided games (5v5 / 7v7 / 9v9)
  • Clarification of any rule ambiguities
  • The emphasis of respect embedded in plan for match officials
  • Discussion regarding developing resources to promote understanding of rule changes and emphasising respect for match officials.
  • Opening up channels of communication between referees and Player Development Plan steering group (
  • Continued ‘partnership’ approach in improving match experience for all stakeholders

Course Outline:

  • Explanation of philosophy of PDP and how this is reflected in playing formats.
  • Explanation of other resources FAI are deploying in attempt to positively influence coach / parent / player behaviour – particularly relating to respecting match officials.
  • Videos of 5v5 / 7v7 / 9v9 formats in practice.
  • Discussion of possible resource development resources to improve coach / parent / player behaviour.
  • Exploration of the ‘educational’ aspects of referees role in players encountering referees for the first time.
  • Q&A