AWFG (Actively Working in Female Game) Workshop

AWFG (Actively Working in Female Game) Workshop

Course Name:

Actively Working in Female Game.


Currently coaching in the female game.

Target Group:

Male and Female coaches actively working in the female game at all levels.


3 hours

Course Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain specific knowledge in the area of coaching within the female game. They will develop through a process of discussion, identifying, listening, questioning, recording and evaluating current and modern trends within coaching within the female game.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding the structures and development of the female game
  • Understanding the strategic plan with the women’s game
  • A Coach development plan
  • Developing Volunteer and coaches Role Descriptions for coaches coaching within the female game
  • Coaching Pathway
  • What is football
  • Planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation of coaching practice through the coaching process