EURO 2016 Ticketing FAQ

EURO 2016 Ticketing FAQ

UEFA have confirmed that ticket sales for UEFA EURO 2016 will start on Monday, December 14 at 11am and will close on Monday, January 18, 2016 at 11am.

The UEFA ticketing portal can be accessed through the following link - 

  • is the only official sales channel for match tickets
  • A maximum of four tickets per applicant per match applies
  • At the time of application, fans will be required to provide his/her first name, surname, date of birth, gender, country of residence and nationality, telephone number, email address, passport number, postal address, up-to-date credit card details and FAI account number. Upon UEFA's request, the applicant shall provide the personal data of his/her guests.
  • Supporters will be able to choose from three different ticket types: Accessibility Tickets, Single Tickets, and Follow My Team Tickets
  • There will be four different categories of tickets made available for each game

                           Category 1     Category 2    Category 3    Category 4
Group Stage          €145                €105              €55                €25
Round of 16           €145                €105              €55                €25
Quarter-Finals        €195                €135              €85                €45
Semi-Finals            €495                €295              €165              €65
Final                       €895                €595              €295              €85
Opening Match      €595                €395              €195              €75

  1. Wheelchair/ Disability Accessible Tickets
    There will be tickets for fans who require wheelchair access, as well as tickets with easy access seating. Disabled fans will have a seat or space reserved for them and can request a seat for an accompanying person. Tickets for people accompanying disabled supporters are complimentary. All tickets for disabled supporters will be sold at price Category 4, regardless of their location in the stadium. Valid proof of disability will be required when submitting an application for such tickets.

  1. Single Tickets
    Applicants can apply for up to 4 tickets for each match in one of four price categories.
  1. Follow My Team
    Fans now have the option to purchase full packages allowing them to follow their team throughout the tournament (including the final if they make it that far). By applying for the whole qualifying campaign, fans are then eligible to secure tickets for crucial knock-out games - each of which are set at four different price categories.
  2. Follow your team to the final, fans must go through each round i.e. not skipping ahead to the semi-final unless you have secured tickets for previous rounds. Category 1 & 3 prices only available for these tickets.

Here are the conditional games fans can choose from:
- Round of 16
- Quarter-Finals
- Semi-Finals
- Final

Sit Beside Your Friends
If you wish to sit together with a group of fans who are applying separately it is the first applicant’s responsibility to note the Group I.D. This will be displayed on the confirmation page once the application has been made. Each application made thereafter can input that Group I.D during the application process and UEFA will allocate as many successful applicants seats together as is logistically possible. 

At the time of application fans will be required to input card payment details. This same card will be used for payment purposes if application is successful. Credit cards will only be accepted. No debit cards will be accepted. The credit card must have an expiry date of no earlier than Aug 2016 (08/16). UEFA will communicate the amount and date of payment attempt in advance. There will be one payment attempt for successful applicants, no exceptions. If the payment fails these tickets are released immediately and thus your application cancelled.

Successful Applicants
Successful applicants will begin to receive notification from UEFA in February.

Unsuccessful Applicants
Unsuccessful applicants notifications will be approxiately three weeks after successful applicants as more tickets might become available after the first round of tickets are offered.

Ticket Fulfilment
Fans have until the January 18 to update the address they wish to use for delivery of tickets, after this time it is not possible to change the address.

Fans will be charged one fee of €15.00 for postage and all tickets will be sent via registered mail.

Please note that tickets for the knockout stage of the tournament will be distributed in the form of vouchers, which will be exchanged for tickets before the game at the Voucher Exchange Point in the respective host city upon presentation of required documents. You will receive detailed information on the exchange process along with your vouchers for these games. 

Lost / Stolen Tickets
EURO 2016 SAS will not issue duplicate tickets for any reason whatsoever. EURO 2016 SAS shall not be responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed Ticket(s) after their delivery to the successful applicant. In particular EURO 2016 SAS shall not be liable to refund any Ticket(s) or to re-print Ticket(s).