2017 FAI National Draw Launched


2017 FAI National Draw Launched

The 2017 FAI National Draw has been officially launched!
6th Jul 2017

The National Draw has taken place over the last four years and has been a huge success to date.  2016 saw even more clubs involved and tickets sold than ever before with close to €1 million raised for clubs and leagues across the country. 

How it works

1. The FAI organises all prizes, the final draw, printing, licensees’ etc.

2. Clubs purchase tickets from the FAI for €1.50 each

3. Clubs sell the tickets for €10 each

4. All money from all tickets sold is kept by the club

Benefits to the club

• Readymade fundraising option with little or no financial risk to themselves

• Minimum order of just 20 tickets, no maximum order

• Clubs can order more tickets at any time

• Club name will be printed on every ticket

• Posters and flyers will also be provided to clubs as well as a promotional guide to assist with ticket sales

To order tickets go to http://www.fai.ie/domestic/fai-national-draw/overview