FAI Board and Council

FAI Board and Council

The Association's structure can best be split into three sections: the FAI Council, The Board of Management and Committees, and the FAI Administration Staff.

The FAI Council is made up of 60 members from across the Irish football family. Council elects the FAI's President, a number of committee members and also pass major decisions.

The Board of Management comprises of ten members: the  President (Tony Fitzgerald), Vice President (Donal Conway), Honorary Secretary (Michael Cody), Honorary Treasurer (Eddie Murray), Chief Executive (John Delaney), and the six chairpersons of the Development, International (Milo Corcoran), Domestic (Jim McConnell), League of Ireland (Eamon Naughton), Legal/Corporate (Pariac Treanor) and Underage committees. The Finance committee is represented by the Honorary Treasurer rather than selecting a chairperson.

Each chairperson brings the expertise of their committee to the Board meaning the Board will hear from all relevant angles before making any decisions.

The seven committees comprise of 12 members and each will be made up of people with knowledge that will be beneficial to the committee.

Committees are balanced and represent all stakeholders interests, with a number of committee members elected by Council and a further number selected by the CEO, President and Council Representative (other than an officer).

For balance within the committees, the person selected cannot be from the same affiliate as the person elected by council, while no one person can sit on more than two committees.

The Chief Executive also sits as a voting member on the Finance and Legal and Corporate Affairs Committees.

The FAI's Administration staff are based in the association's headquarters in Abbotstown, Dublin and handle the day-to-day running of the Association.