Aviva Soccer Sisters – About Our Camps

Aviva Soccer Sisters – About Our Camps


About Us

The Aviva Soccer Sisters programme will enter its 12th year in 2018. Over the years, the programme has grown to become one of the most influnetial programmes for growing the female game in Ireland. 

All Aviva Soccer Sisters venus camp locations are listed HERE.

The camps aim to provide children between the ages of 6 and 14 years the opportunity to attend a two day football camp over the Easter holiday period.  Every year girls of all abilities turn out to enjoy a two days of fun and football.   It doesn't matter if you're just a beginner or if your sights set on Katie McCabe's shirt, you will have fun and learn a lot out of Aviva Soccer Sisters. 

Football is, ultimately, a game and at the Aviva Soccer Sisters we believe games should be fun.  While participants will learn new skills and tricks, the most important element of our camps is that they are fun and that all children enjoy them. 

Our camps are fully inclusive, so if your child has a disability she is more than welcome.  If your child requires extra assistance, no problem - we'll get a coach in to specifically ensure that your daughter has a fantastic experience. Every child should have access to play football. and we recognise that sometimes it's just a little extra assistance that will enable them to flourish.  When you're making your booking, be sure to flag if your child's condition warrants one-to-one coaching and we'll take care of it. 

We have some famous graduates / coaches of the Aviva Soccer Sisters throughout the years. Stephanie Roche, Megan Campbell, Rianna Jarrett, and Lauran Dwyer have all either coached or attended in their local Aviva Soccer Sisters and look at how much they've achieved in their football careers! 

A record number of camps took place last year which saw the highest amount of participants every playing the beautiful game with us over the Easter holidays.  Many of our camps completly sold out in 2017 so be sure to keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for announcements on bookings!

About Our Camps

Our camps cater for players of all abilities and participants are grouped according to ability and age to ensure that everyone gets the most out of being on a FAI Aviva Soccer Sisters Camp. Our camps run from 10am-2pm on selected dates over the Easter holidays!

Beginners will learn the fundamental football skills needed to be a player and receive a fun and dynamic introduction to playing the beautiful game. More seasoned players will focus on more technical and skill-specific training and everyone will come together in the afternoon to participate in mini-leagues and small-sided games.

Our coaching programme for the camp is fully aligned to our Player Development Plan and offers young players the opportunity to maximise their learning and development in a fun and safe environment whilst doing what every young football loves to do - SCORE GOALS!


What to bring for lunch

In order to ensure your daughter has the energy to play all day as her Aviva Soccer Sisters camp, we have som handy tips for breakfast and lunch

Brrrrrreakfast time!

A good breakfast is essential for any footballer - it's what will keep you going throughout your morning game and skill sessions! Here are some ideas of what to have the morning of your camp:

  • Toast & Jam
  • Cereal & Milk
  • Porridge (add a little maple syrup)
  • Fruit & Yoghurt
  • Banana & wholemeal bread
  • Boiled Egg & wholemeal toast

Top Tips for a healthy and tasty lunch box!

Don't forget to bring your lunch with you to your Aviva Soccer Sisters Camp!  You need to keep up your energy during the day.  Here are some ideas of what to bring each day:

  • Orange Juice / Apple / Tuna & Sweetcorn sandwich
  • Squash (no sugar) / Orange / Lean Ham & cheese sandwich
  • Apple Juice / Banana / Cheese & Salad sandwich

Squash (no sugar) / Kiwi / Lean Ham & salad sandwich

Top Tips:

  • Try using different breads each day, such as pita, bagels and wholemeal
  • Milk is very important for your bones and is the best recovery drink, so have a glass when you go home !
  • Yoghurt is full of calcium too, so have a pot as a snack.
  • You'll need water throughout the day so make sure you have lots with you! Don't bring sugary or fizzy drinks, they are not good for you!

Remember, your food is your fuel - if you're not eating the right stuff, your body won't run properly!